Major Water Main Break Results in Water Outage in Town of Portland

Photo by Mayor Michael Callis

A major water main break has occurred on Highway 52 East in the Town of Portland.

Mayor Michael Callis reported on Tuesday that a water main that is buried deep in the ground along the highway broke on Monday, causing a lot of water to be lost in the area.

Mayor Callis also added that someone shot at the town’s mason water tank, which resulted in it being taken offline. A series of other problems have occurred such as a natural gas line also needing to be repaired.

“It’s going to be several folks without water. We’re trying to get natural gas restored to this particular area. We’ll get water restored as quickly as we can,” Mayor Callis said Tuesday.

Although crews made progress on the repairs Tuesday, pressure caused another split, resulting in no water in the area. Mayor Callis says the location of the incident is one of the worst areas to have a water main break.

Drivers are urged to drive with caution in the area while Portland crews, along with a third party contractor, continue to work to locate the ongoing issues.

The following update was made at 9:27am on February 14.

Update from 8:13pm on Tuesday evening, February 13.