BNA Opens New Cell Lots While Construction Takes Place on Old Ones

photo courtesy of BNA

As BNA® continues to experience tremendous growth, the airport is opening a new cell lot to meet passenger demands, provide ample space for travelers and alleviate the traffic congestion around the roadways, including traffic from I-40. 

The new cell phone lot located at 1415 Murfreesboro Pike will provide 240 parking spaces, which is two and half times larger than the current lot, which has 44 spaces. The current cell lots will be blocked off in preparation for construction for roadway enhancements.  

The new cell lot is approximately 3 miles from the main BNA terminal, with an average drive time of 5 to 7 minutes. The new cell lot will have digital signage known as flight information display systems (FIDS) that display real-time updates on incoming flights.

Here are a few items to keep in mind to assist with passenger pickup:
Average time from landing to exiting the airport (estimated times):

  • 15 minutes – without bags
  • 30 minutes – with bags
  • 30 minutes – International flights

Once the plane touches down and begins deplaning, the average passenger journey consists of many different variables that can affect the time it takes them to get to your pickup meeting place, including:

  • Restroom breaks
  • Waiting to collect luggage
  • Stopping for coffee or food
  • Congestion in the terminal

To reiterate, once your loved one has touched down, please remember that multiple factors could affect their arrival time to your meeting location. We recommend you keep in close contact with them upon arrival to plan a seamless pick-up process.

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