Sumner County Sheriff’s Office Adds New K-9 Deputies


Sumner County Sheriff’s Office introduced their newest members of the team Friday, Deputy Maddox with K-9 Stella and Deputy Helson with K-9 Charlie!

After rigorous training, Stella and Charlie are ready to provide emotional support, trauma relief, and stress reduction to those who need it most.

The sheriff’s office says they’ve already shown their dedication by assisting in high-stress situations, ensuring safety and comfort for all involved.

Rescued from the Sumner County Animal Shelter, Stella and Charlie have proven themselves as invaluable assets. Their recent certifications as Multi-discipline Therapy K-9 teams and AKC Canine Good Citizens highlight their commitment to service.

Now stationed full-time in the School Resource Officer Division, Stella and Charlie are on the front lines, helping students navigate the challenges of anger, stress, and anxiety. They’re also available department-wide for Crisis Intervention Team encounters, fostering communication and trust within the community!

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