Two Sumner County Students Honored As Heroes

Brock, Brody, and Judge Dee David Gay (Sumner County Schools)

Lakeside Park Elementary students Brock and Brody Nickens were surprised Friday morning by Hendersonville, TN Police Department, their school, and the man they rescued.

Brock, Brody, and their father Marshall Nickens were out driving around when one of the boys spotted a man badly injured. That man turned out to be Judge Dee David Gay.

“There is no telling how long I would have been there unseen, if these guys hadn’t stopped to help,” Judge Gay said as he spoke to students at Lakeside Park. “The lesson is never ever pass up somebody; talk about being good humans. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, if someone needs help, you help them. These guys are my heroes.”

Judge Gay was involved in a serious bicycle accident and was unable to stand due to three broken bones. Due to the boys’ quick actions, Judge Gay was able to get help.

This morning, Judge Gay surprised Brock and Brody’s school with a special assembly. He spoke to students about the Good Samaritan and awarded Brock and Brody with the Good Samaritan award.

Hendersonville Police Chief, Jim Jones, presented the boys with the Outstanding Citizenship award and Sumner County Schools Director, Dr. Scott Langford, commended the boys for their courageous and noble actions.

“We are excited to celebrate the extraordinary bravery and compassion demonstrated by Brock and Brody Nickens who exemplify the values of kindness and selflessness,” Director of Sumner County Schools, Dr. Scott Langford said. “Their quick thinking and willingness to help Judge Gay in his time of need showcase the best of our community. We are incredibly proud of their actions and the example they set for us all. Congratulations, Brock and Brody, on your well-deserved recognition as heroes.”

Brock and Brody’s parents, Marshall and Melissa Nickens, were in the audience for the celebration and are proud of both boys for their compassion and empathy they have for others.

“That is a trait that’s hard to teach or train. It’s inside of them, so it feels good as a parent that they are making good decisions,” Marshall Nickens said.

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