Oral Surgeon vs. Dentist


When scheduling dental surgery, it’s important that you do your research on what kind of healthcare professional you need to use. Your mouth is a vital part of the body that affects your overall health and well-being, so taking good care is essential to staying healthy.

For anything more than just basic dental procedures and routine cleanings, an oral surgeon is the way to go. Keep reading to learn what makes them stand out.


There are different levels of schools for oral surgeons and dentists. Starting with an undergraduate degree, typically in pre-dentistry or pre-medicine, both practitioners will go to grad school and learn about many different dentistry topics, including oral surgery, pathology, and general dentistry.

While dentists begin practicing immediately after dental school, oral surgeons continue with a surgical residency for 4-6 more years to learn more about their specialization and have to take an exam before they are able to begin practicing. During their residency, they will receive training in oral surgery, oral pathology, anesthesia, facial trauma, and any other areas needed to practice proficiently.

What They Treat

What oral surgeons and dentists focus on is different but there is some overlap between the two. Dentists focus on cleaning and keeping your teeth healthy. They can fill cavities when needed and give you tips to keep your oral health in check.

Oral surgeons focus on more specific surgeries like wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants. They also are able to administer all types of anesthesia that may be needed for your surgery. Oral surgeons are not only able to perform more specialized and challenging surgeries but also have the training and ability to manage any unforeseen complications that may arise.

While many dentists may offer dental implants, oral surgeons have that additional training with their residency that allows them to have higher expertise and knowledge in the procedure. They have a team dedicated to performing these procedures, and rather than doing them in addition to cleanings like dentists, that is their primary focus and area of expertise.

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Coyne Oral Surgery

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