New Principals Named for White House Intermediate and R.T. Fisher Alternative School


Dr. Scott Langford, Sumner County Director of Schools, has announced that he has named Dr. Racheal Mason as the new principal of White House Intermediate School, which is set to open next fall.

Dr. Mason has spent the past five years as the principal of Station Camp Elementary School. Dr. Mason previously served as the principal at Lakeside Park Elementary and as a lead educator at Merrol Hyde Magnet School and at H.B. Williams Elementary. Dr. Mason began her career as a classroom teacher at H.B. Williams Elementary, where she was named Teacher of the Year in 2014. Dr. Mason is also a White House High School graduate.

“It has been an honor to serve the Station Camp community for the past five years,” Dr. Mason said. “I am grateful for the partnership among our students, staff and families, and I am proud of the work we have accomplished together. I am humbled to return to my hometown as principal of White House Intermediate and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Dr. Langford said, “I am thrilled for Dr. Mason. She is an outstanding leader and will be a strong addition to the White House cluster. Her experience as a principal at Lakeside Park and Station Camp Elementary will guide her as she opens our new school in White House.”

Dr. Mason will conclude the current school year as the principal of Station Camp Elementary, and Dr. Langford will appoint a new principal for the upcoming school year.

Dr. David Kinman has been named the principal of R.T. Fisher Alternative School. Dr. Kinman has served the past 10 years as an assistant principal at Beech High School. Dr. Kinman was previously an assistant principal at T.W. Hunter Middle School and served as a behavioral consultant for the district. Dr. Kinman will begin his role at R.T. Fisher in January. Dr. Kinman is replacing Melinda Norman, who has accepted a role in the district office.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to go to R.T. Fisher,” Dr. Kinman said. “I have long had a passion to help those students who often struggle in the traditional classroom setting. I loved my time here at Beech High School and I would not trade it for anything, but I am excited at the opportunity to lead a school I have long felt called to be a part of.”

Dr. Langford added, “Dr. Kinman brings a great deal of experience to guide R.T. Fisher. He has a huge heart to help students overcome adversity and build towards their future.”