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As winter wraps up and we move toward spring, it’s just as important to make sure your home is ready for warmer weather as it is for cooler weather. Your roof takes a beating year-round and should be a priority when prepping for a new season. There are a few ways to make sure you and your roof are worry-free as summer rolls around.

Here are the four best steps to get your roof on track for sunshine and warmer times.

Clean Your Roof

Debris on your roof can lead to serious issues down the road. Clean off your roof to prevent this long-term damage and to lower the chances for moisture to develop. While it may not seem like a serious threat, moisture on your roof may lead to mildew, mold, and fungus which may stick to roof tiles and material. These issues add up over time and may lead to roof leaks and the need to replace your roofing material.

What would otherwise cost a couple hundred dollars in cleaning, could result in thousands of dollars of damage and costly repairs.

Check Your Attic

As you work your way around your roof, be sure to spend equal time in your attic space. Some damage might not be as obvious from the outside, but can easily be seen from within your attic. The biggest signs to look out for are water damage, including discoloration, the warping of wood, wet insulation, and yellowing paint.

If you aren’t sure whether there’s damage, reach out to a roofing professional for an inspection to make sure you’re in the clear.

Trim Away Branches And Plant Life

While winter weather brings with it a unique set of challenges, spring and summer aren’t devoid of serious weather either. Trees, branches, and overhanging vegetation are leading contributors to roof damage. High winds pose a real threat and may turn your favorite tree into a damage-causing machine.

Be sure to trim branches that hang near your roof and take care of plant life that may be growing on your tiles or shingles. While they may seem harmless, they may lead to ongoing damage, or be a serious risk in bad weather.

Get An Inspection

The best way to reduce the risk of ongoing damage and make sure your roof is in good health is to reach out to a roofing professional for an inspection. Annual inspections are an important part of overall roof health, but if your winters are especially cold, it’s worth having a postseason inspection as well. As part of the process, your roofing specialist will check for obvious signs of damage but also look deeper for other issues that aren’t so obvious and just as much of a problem.

Even the smallest forms of damage may cause serious issues that can be costly later on, so it’s worth the extra caution.

Roofing Professionals Familiar With Your Area

If you’re looking for extra help to make sure your roof is set for any season.

The Roof Doctors are in.

Whether you’re looking for an annual inspection, post-winter inspection, or help with roof issues and repair, the Roof Doctors are your answer for peace of mind and convenience. With solid experience and familiarity with Tennessee weather and its effects on your roof, you know you’re in good hands.

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