City of Gallatin Requests Public Involvement for Transformation Plan


The City of Gallatin’s engineering department is asking for the Gallatin community’s help in developing a new Master Transportation Plan for the city. The department released an online survey for citizens to take part in to voice their opinions on what is important transportation-wise in their hometown.

“We are excited to receive input from the citizens and travelers of Gallatin to update our transportation plans,” City Engineer Nick Tuttle said. “Our current plans are from 2009 and we all know that our area has seen much change in in the past 15 years. That’s what this transportation plan is all about. It’s not only addressing our existing needs, but our future needs and how we are expecting things to grow and being able to accommodate those things.”

From now until mid-December, community members can access the survey online to provide their valuable insight. Those taking part in the survey will have the opportunity to physically rank transportation system priorities, allocate a theoretical budget according to their transportation wants and needs, and map out the biggest transportation needs throughout the city. There is also an opportunity for citizens to write comments about ideas they have on transportation improvements.

Tuttle mentioned a surprising top priority from feedback the department has already received—public transit.

“That would not have been something that would’ve been really a big priority of mine or on my radar,” Tuttle said. “It starts to raise a little bit of awareness from our standpoint, and it can get us thinking in that direction of how that could be accommodated.”

The City of Gallatin continues to plan well for the future, according to Tuttle.

“I’d say probably every ten years or so, especially at the rate we’re growing, you’re needing to look at an update on that, just to make sure that you’re staying current— new trends, new things, new technology, new ideas,” Tuttle said. “There’s no better time than now to be updating the transportation plan.”

The survey can be found on the City of Gallatin’s website, or at the following link:

For more information on the survey and the Master Transportation Plan for Gallatin, please contact the City of Gallatin’s engineering department at 615-451-5965.