Blood Donors Needed to Combat Winter Storm


The winter weather event has significantly impacted local blood donations to organizations like the American Red Cross and Blood Assurance. Blood donations are already affected during the winter months and more so when severe weather rolls in, closing donation centers and canceling blood drives.

Since the start of January, approximately 200 Red Cross blood drives across 27 states have been canceled due to winter weather, causing more than 6,000 lifesaving blood and platelet donations to go uncollected, the American Red Cross reports.

“The storm is occurring at a critical time, as the community blood center only has a one-day supply of most blood types on its shelves. Blood Assurance needs around 400 donors a day to adequately supply local hospitals,” Blood Assurance says.

When it is safe to do so, these organizations are asking people to sign up and donate to help replenish the supply.

Find information on American Red Cross blood donation opportunities here.

Find information on Blood Assurance blood donation opportunities here.