Tennessee State Athletics to Celebrate Black History Month

black history month tsu

NASHVILLE – February 1, 2024 – Tennessee State Athletics is set to kick off a month-long celebration in honor of Black History Month. Throughout February, the athletic department will utilize its social media platforms to spotlight the significant contributions of notable student-athletes, alumni, and legends associated with Tennessee State.

The campaign, tagged #BigBlueIsBlackHistory, aims to showcase the profound impact of Black individuals within the athletic department’s rich legacy. Followers on social media can expect a series of features highlighting what Black History means to these athletes.

  1. Current Student-Athletes: The campaign will bring attention to the current roster of student-athletes, emphasizing their achievements both on and off the playing field. Their journeys reflect the spirit of excellence synonymous with Tennessee State.
  2. Alumni Trailblazers: Alumni from Tennessee State who have made significant strides in various fields will be featured. From business to community leadership, the stories of these accomplished individuals underscore the impact of a Tennessee State education.
  3. Honoring Legends: The campaign will pay homage to the trailblazers and legends whose contributions have shaped the institution. Their stories, triumphs, and enduring legacies form the foundation of Tennessee State’s vibrant history.

Follow Tennessee State Athletics on social media @TSU_Tigers on Twitter and @TSUTigers to be a part of the celebration. Engage with the content, share your own stories, and use the campaign hashtag #BigBlueIsBlackHistory to join the conversation.

Source: TSU
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