Sumner County Schools Becomes 1st District Ever to Partner with Amazon

Photo from Sumner County Schools

Sumner County Schools continues to achieve new milestones, cementing its position as a global pioneer in education through a groundbreaking partnership with Amazon.

This collaboration has made Sumner County Schools as the first educational institution in the world to partner with Amazon to offer Lean Six Sigma certification, empowering both teachers and students with invaluable skills. More than 130 Sumner County Schools students have already earned the Lean Six Sigma certification.

The partnership between Sumner County Schools and Amazon took shape with a comprehensive training program that saw Amazon employees work closely with Sumner County teachers more than a year ago. This training program, unique in its scale and scope, focused on Lean Six Sigma, a globally recognized methodology for process improvement, efficiency, and problem-solving. The extensive training provided by Amazon experts has equipped teachers with the expertise necessary to instruct and mentor students in Lean Six Sigma principles and practices, while also preparing them to pass the verbal and written test.

Sumner County Schools’ decision to incorporate Lean Six Sigma into its curriculum is part of a broader commitment to ensure students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. The skills gained from Lean Six Sigma certification are highly transferable, providing Sumner County students with a significant advantage as they embark on their educational and professional journeys.

“We are thrilled to announce this groundbreaking partnership with Amazon,” Dr. Scott Langford, Director of Sumner County Schools said. “By offering Lean Six Sigma certification to our students, we are positioning them for success in an ever-evolving job market. This partnership reflects our dedication to providing the highest quality education and ensuring our students are equipped with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. At Sumner County Schools, being ‘Sumner Ready’ is not just a phrase; it is a promise we mean to keep.”

Amazon, a global leader in innovation and customer-centricity, recognizes the importance of investing in education to cultivate a future workforce equipped with cutting-edge skills.

Mabel Shelton, a Merrol Hyde Magnet School graduate, Sumner County native and Program Manager at Amazon, was instrumental in bringing together the right components to create this unique upskilling opportunity for the community.

“When schools and community organizations work together to support learning, everyone benefits,” Shelton said. “At Amazon we value working side-by-side with educators to create long-term, innovative programs that have a lasting, positive impact.”

Sumner County Schools’ groundbreaking partnership with Amazon represents a significant step forward in the world of education.
It showcases the district’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to preparing students for the future. With this historic collaboration, Sumner County Schools has set a new standard for educational excellence on a global scale. Students will have the opportunity to earn this prestigious certification, which will undoubtedly set them apart in their educational and professional pursuits.