Replacing Your Roof: 3 Common Questions (and 3 Secret Questions)

Replacing Your Roof: 3 Common Questions (and 3 Secret Questions)

You’ve evaluated your roof and feel comfortable in your assessment that something needs to be done to address issues. It can be daunting to know what to ask when it comes to getting an estimate and selecting a contractor to replace or repair a roof. But you won’t feel quite so intimidated when you know what to ask. Many of these questions can be done over the phone before you even give the contractor your address.

Roof Doctors suggest these six questions as a great starting place. Three are common, and three might surprise you!

Common Question 1: How Long Does Installing the Roof Take?

It’s important to get a good idea of what to expect in terms of the length of time the job will take, so that you can plan accordingly. Most roofs can be replaced in a day to a day-and-a-half. It depends, of course, on the size of the house as well as the size of the roofing company’s crew.

Common Question 2: How Much Does a Roof Cost?

The size, shape and dimensions of the roof will factor significantly. Other factors to consider include the materials used, the experience of the roofers, known issues, how old the existing roof is, how many layers are on the roof, and more. A qualified roofer will be able to give you an accurate and confident answer.

Common Question 3: How Long Will the Roof Last?

There is a difference between a manufacturer’s estimate of how long a roof could last under ideal conditions and how long it will last with factors like rain, snow, sleet, hail, ice and wind. In Middle Tennessee we typically see roofs last 15-18 years. Again, this depends on the quality and type of materials used, such as asphalt, metal or slate.

Uncommon Question 1: What’s Your Legal Name?

Asking a company for their legal name is a great way to be able to confirm what they’re telling you. Have they really been in business for a decade or are they a possible fly-by-night company? You can confirm their information with the Tennessee Secretary of State Business Information Search.

Uncommon Question 2: Can You Leave the Estimate in My Mailbox?

Believe it or not, you really want the answer to be “no.” A reputable company won’t leave the estimate because there are likely questions that need to be addressed and discussed, including materials and who will be on site.

Uncommon Question 3: Who Will Be on the Job Site?

Speaking of the site, be hesitant of a company that says no one will be on-site to supervise. It’s great if the employees are experienced and know what they’re doing. But if no owner, manager or project manager is onsite, it’s gut-check time.

If no one is in charge, if no one has industry knowledge and can assure you everything is being done to code, and if no one is empowered to make decisions should complications arise, what could be a very minor issue may turn into a very major problem. And you could be stuck footing the bill.

Call Roof Doctors to Get the Job Done Right

When it’s time to find a reputable, trustworthy company to repair or replace your roof, call the Roof Doctors. Put our recommended questions to the test – we will pass with flying colors! Our goal is to exceed, not just meet, your expectations. Call us at 1-844-40-LEAKS for a free inspection and estimate.

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