M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers Coming to Gallatin

M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers
M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers

Gallatin, Tenn. [Dec. 7, 2023] – M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers will open a location in Gallatin next year, located at 2145 Nashville Pike, Ste 100, announces founder and CEO Austin Ray.

Thoughtfully placed between Hendersonville and Gallatin to serve the most neighbors possible, the announcement comes on the heels of recently shared expansion plans to Franklin and Inglewood in 2024. During a time of unprecedented growth for the locally owned and operated leader in craft beer and burgers, M.L.Rose will grow to seven greater Nashville locations next year.

M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers
M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers

“While this is the official announcement of our plans to bring M.L.Rose to this area, I can’t help but chuckle because the neighborhoods have been buzzing about it for a few months,” said Ray. “That’s a major reason why expansion here makes so much sense. This location is nestled conveniently between Gallatin and Hendersonville, and while these two distinct areas have their own flavors and personalities, they share one thing in common: people want to relax where they live and work. As Nashville continues to expand, we’re proud to follow that growth.”

Guests can expect the well-known ‘get out without getting fancy’ atmosphere found in established M.L.Rose locations, including a comfortable, lively and relaxed space that celebrates the spirit of the neighborhood. Defining features include a covered and heated patio for dining, a two-sided outdoor fireplace and an indoor/outdoor turf area with space for relaxing, watching sports and for kids to play. As is M.L.Rose’s custom, they also plan to feature a menu of craft beer that covers local favorites from the smallest startup breweries to national, long-beloved brands.

The announcement comes in tandem with the 15th anniversary of M.L.Rose, which opened on Dec. 8, 2008. The community watering hole quickly became a neighborhood staple, and since then, the combination of great burgers, pub food and a focus on the emerging craft beer market prompted rapid growth. By the end of 2024, the greater Nashville area will be home to seven M.L.Rose locations.

“We’ve taken ample time to build partnerships that bring the best possible food and craft beer to our guests, like our custom dry-aged, pasture-raised and sustainably sourced beef from Porter Road, our seasonal craft beer menus and our brewery collaborations,” said Ray. “Our growth plans for M.L.Rose have been first focused on dialing in what we do best, and the spread to new locations has been deliberate and thoughtful. We’re bringing three new locations to fruition in 2024 because we found places where we can be great neighbors. This year we will also be launching our inaugural M.L.Rose Owl Lager in partnership with a regional icon, Hi-Wire Brewing.”

The M.L.Rose Owl Lager is a classic, crisp American lager for easy drinking. This beer is special because of an extensive lagering process, and the perfect mix of light Pilsner malt and German hops. The beer was launched on Nov. 30, 2023 in honor of the brand’s 15th anniversary.

Additional details for the Gallatin location, including a specific opening timeline, will be released at a later date.

Source: M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers
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