Kool Kat Returns to Nashville Kats

photo from Nashville Kats

Get ready to unleash your inner roar as Kool Kat makes a return to the Nashville Kats arena football team!

With his sleek moves and undeniable charm, Kool Kat is set to reignite the passion and energy in every fan’s heart. From his iconic debut in ’97 to now, Kool Kat has been the purr-fect embodiment of team spirit, weaving through the crowds with grace and pumping up the players with his infectious enthusiasm. Whether he’s leading chants, high-fiving fans or simply being the coolest kat in town, Kool Kat is more than just a mascot; he’s a symbol of integrity, community and unwavering support. So, let’s welcome back our furry friend with open arms and get ready to paint the town “Kool” with the Nashville Kats!

“We are thrilled to have Kool Kat back as part of the family and look forward to the infectious team spirit he brings to our fans,” says Ryan Maag, Creative Director, Nashville Kats.

With an upcoming birthday on May 2, stay tuned for all of the fun events and activations for chances to meet Kool Kat around Nashville. To see the Kats schedule and to purchase tickets, please visit: www.thenashvillekats.com/tickets.


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