Historic Rose Mont Awarded Grant From TN State Museum For Rehabilitation

Photo from the City of Gallatin

Gallatin’s Historic Rose Mont is a recipient of a $53,000 grant for Capital Maintenance and Improvement from the State of Tennessee as administered through the Tennessee State Museum. The grant award will be used for repairing and rehabilitating the south side verandah.

On the south “service” side of the mansion, a two-storied verandah was enclosed with clapboard in 1883 to create additional living space. In 1973, aluminum siding was added to cover the deteriorated clapboard, concealing its original character. Our goal is to remove both the aluminum siding and the old clapboard, restoring the verandah to its antebellum appearance. This transformation will enhance our ability to offer tours that accurately reflect the history of enslaved house servants on the property. Additionally, two original staircases in this area require stabilization. The project for the Rose Mont home must be completed by May.

The Tennessee General Assembly made available $5 million in funding from the 2023-2024 Appropriations Act, “for the sole purpose of providing grants to museums with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or affiliated with a governmental entity for capital maintenance and improvements.” The Capital Improvement and Maintenance grant had a minimum request amount of $5,000 and a maximum request amount of $100,000.

It was a highly competitive process. In total, the Tennessee State Museum received 170 applications, totaling $12.5M in funding requests for the $5M appropriation. The Museum made full or partial awards to 108 museums across the state, representing 58 counties.

“The Tennessee State Museum serves the State of Tennessee through history, art, and culture,” said Ashley Howell, Tennessee State Museum Executive Director. “There is incredible work being done throughout the state by our strong network of Tennessee museums and historic homes. This grant is an extension of how we can further support their efforts and the preservation of local and state history. We thank the Tennessee General Assembly for their support for Tennessee Museums.”