5 Ways to Find Gratitude (Even in the Hard Times)


From Pretty in Pink Boutique

In this season dedicated to gratefulness, some days it’s hard to feel thankful. If you’ve recently undergone a difficult time, such as battling breast cancer, it can be easy to feel angry, sad, grumpy, upset, scared – anything but grateful. But there are a few ways you can cultivate gratitude in your life, even when you don’t feel it naturally.

1) Meditation and Introspection

Make time to sit quietly or take a walk through your favorite park. As you are purposeful in the solitude, begin to focus on being grateful for yourself. Gratitude starts within. Make a list of things you like about yourself. Say them out loud and be authentically positive. As you begin to be positive about yourself, others around you feel it and it is reflected back, starting a cycle of positivity and providing even more reasons to be grateful.

2) Give Back

Volunteering or giving back to others is a great way to turn the focus away from your own trials, challenges or issues. Dedicating your time and energy to someone less fortunate has a triple effect of feeding your soul, helping someone else and boosting your gratitude for all that you do have.

3) Start a Joy List

Find one thing – just one thing – to be grateful for each day and write it down. Choose something that brings you joy, like a favorite song, the smile of a loved one, a beautiful sunset, taking another breath or eating ice cream. It doesn’t have to be profound. Find a small blessing every day and write it down. As you watch your list grow, read the previous days’ joys and find the gratitude grow along with the list.

4) Unplug

You are hereby given permission to unplug and disconnect from media for whatever length of time you deem necessary. Turn off the news. Take a break from social media. The world will keep spinning, whether you know all the scary stuff bombarding you constantly or not. The drama and pettiness on social media, as well as the perfect snapshots of others’ lives are all enough to make you feel insecure or insufficient instead of grateful for all you do have.

5) Surround Yourself with Positive People

The company you keep has a big impact on your attitude and outlook. If you surround yourself with people who are judgmental or negative, you’ll find yourself often going down that same path. If you surround yourself with people who are positive, grateful and kind, you’ll find yourself absorbing and reflecting those same traits.

Practice Thankfulness

Gratitude, as a discipline, is a choice. Giving thanks is an action. Make a choice, take an action and find a way to be grateful today.

If you want to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people who will help you find a reason to be thankful today, reach out to the caring staff at Pretty in Pink Boutique at 615-777-PINK. Happy Thanksgiving!

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