City of Goodlettsville Conducts Special Census through March 2024


The only information needed for the Special Census form is your address and the first and last name of each household member. Remember to include anyone away at college or deployed in the military, they count, too!

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What is the purpose of a Special Census?

A Special Census will determine the most up-to-date and accurate count of Goodlettsville’s population. Establishing an accurate count of Goodlettsville residents is important because of the direct correlation between state funding received and the City of Goodlettsville’s population.

What are the benefits of a Special Census?

The State of Tennessee collects and later re-distributes shared funding to Tennessee municipalities based on their population. An increased population count means a larger distribution of state revenue for the City of Goodlettsville – our true share based on our current population.

An accurate count of residents will help the City plan for needed services and growth, including but not limited to: re-paving roads, building sidewalks, and park facility improvements.

Why is the City conducting a Special Census?

City officials believe the City of Goodlettsville’s population has grown significantly since the last census was conducted. In order to receive additional shared state funding, we must establish an accurate population count.

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