7 Police Agencies in Sumner Co. Join to Implement Video, Data Integration Platform


Law Enforcement Agencies in Sumner County have united with an initiative to protect citizens from violent crime. Within a couple weeks of the Governor’s announcement in 2022 regarding the availability of funding through the Violent Crimes Intervention Fund, seven agencies within Sumner County were collaborating to develop a strategy that would best protect citizens across all jurisdictions in Sumner County.

The Hendersonville Police Department, Sumner County Sheriff’s Department, Gallatin Police Department, Goodlettsville Police Department, Portland Police Department, Millersville Police Department and Westmoreland Police Department joined forces to implement a video and data integration platform to be utilized by the front-line officers and deputies all the way to the top Incident Command, effectively deploying a Real Time Crime Center for use by sworn law enforcement out in the field.

Commander Ryan stated, “Rather than keeping the technology behind brick and mortar and creating delays within the communication chain, we want our protectors in the field to have information instantly in order to provide the most effective and the safest response to violent crimes.”

The platform is known as FususOne. The data integration has begun, and officers are able to see mapped information for active calls across the county in real-time as the information is added to our CAD system by the call taker. The data integration also consists of a camera registry that will display locations of known/registered cameras allowing officers to request video information from multiple locations with minimal effort and no delay. That request comes with a link for the camera owner to upload relevant video clips directly into a cloud-based evidence vault. The process to register one’s camera is voluntary and requires only a name, location, phone number and email address. This does not allow law enforcement to access the camera, nor is it possible. There is no cost to register cameras.

For those within the community who would like to take this a step further, there is the possibility of fully integrating private cameras that would allow law enforcement a live view of the video stream. Typically, this type of integration will occur at a commercial location and consist of exterior camera views. To accomplish this, a core device must be installed on location. The program currently has a finite number of core devices which will be provided to selected locations at no cost, while they last, for the duration of the grant period which ends June 30, 2025.

Anyone wishing to register a camera, or who may be interested in camera integrations should visit https://connectsumner.org. This project is funded under an agreement with the state of Tennessee.


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