6 Outdoor Snow Activities for Kids

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There are so many ways to enjoy the snow: snowball fights, building snowmen and snow angels. When your children tire of the classics, bring in these artful and scientific play experiences.

1Take the Toys Outdoors

Let kids experience the multifunctions of their favorite toys! Dump trucks aren’t just made for sand, they haul snow too. Mr. Potato Heads don’t necessarily need the potato to come to life, make a potato shape out of snow and pop on all the accessories. Take those hot wheel cars outside and create a snow track for them to slip and slide around.

2Squirt Bottle Art

Creative art in the snow! Fill a squirt bottle with food coloring and water, shake it up to mix and let the fun begin as you color the snow! To add some extra fun, sprinkle the snow with baking soda and watch as your creations fizzle to life.

3Cookie Cutter Fun

Take the kitchen outside for some artistic fun. Bring out your paint set, paintbrushes and cookie cutters. Punch out stars, hearts and other shapes from the snow with your cookie cutters and bring them to life with fun, vibrant colors by painting them.

4Snow Volcano

Truth is kids love to watch things blow up! They love the messiness of it. Building a snow volcano is an easy experiment that the kids will love! Take everyday household ingredients; combined with your favorite food coloring and watch as your creation explodes – smiles all around. Learn how to build a snow volcano by clicking here.

5Have Water Balloons Left Over from the Summer?

Put that summer pastime favorite to good use this winter! Place a couple of drops of food coloring in each water balloon, fill the balloon up with water and tie a knot in it. Fill some kitchen pans with some fresh snow and place the filled balloons in it for a couple of hours to harden. Once they are solid, grab a pair of gloves and scissors to cut the balloon off and voila – beautiful, colorful natural marbles to roll around in the snow.

6Monster Feet

Break some cardboard boxes down, lay them flat and draw a monster footprint design. Cut them out, tape them to your shoes and create fun monster prints in the snow!