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For those who have an outdoor area, you may have thought about upgrading your space and installing a pool. Over the past couple of years, the demand for pools has gone through the roof, space heaters sold out at every outdoor goods retailer, and weatherproof daybeds became a very real opportunity to be comfy over indoor sofas.

None of this has changed since the start of the new year. With an unusually tough winter and a pandemic that still feels real, outdoor improvement has become a priority across the nation.

People will continue channeling their need to escape and relax into their backyard spaces. Add a pool and there’s an extra dimension to make your outdoor area all yours. Let’s take a look at ways to make your outdoor space perfect.

Keep It Cozy And Comfortable

The work from home reality has created an indefinite need to build a home with a cozy, comfortable space. Outdoor areas are no exception. Comfort is a priority now though, as people actually use their outdoor space for function and as a getaway from their work from home life.

On-trend textiles are also getting an upgrade to help maximize both comfort and style. The mid century modern renaissance continues to thrive as ’70s-inspired materials like synthetic rattan, cane, and wicker are getting an upgraded look and feel for 2022 via realistic synthetic materials that increase the durability of each piece.

Lights And Your Dream Pool Area

Where you place lights around your pool landscape will depend on your backyard, the features that it has, and the elements that you would like to see around your pool. There’s plenty of variety to be had and there’s room to create a very specific mood if you desire.

You might want grass, trees, and flower beds, or you may want mostly concrete and tile. You may even choose desert landscaping with rocks, pottery, and minimal plant life.

However your pool landscaping will be decorated, here are some of the most common places to install outdoor lights:

  1. Steps
  2. Paths and walkways
  3. Walls
  4. Water features
  5. Perimeters
  6. Patios
  7. Trees and plants
  8. Statues and decorations
  9. Seating areas
  10. Garden beds

Lights embedded in concrete steps, stairs, and walkways can make your backyard more functional and beautiful. Beyond aesthetics, lighting these areas serves as a safety precaution to keep visitors safe from falls.

Accent lights can be placed in or near trees, along walls, and around water features to highlight these areas and increase the beauty of the space. Low walls near your pool can be used to add drama and create the ideal mood for late-night swimming.

Let’s say you have a statue, a fire pit, or even a koi pond. You’ll want to shine some light on these focal points so that you can enjoy them after the sun goes down.

Patio, garden, and perimeter lights make the spaces more visible at night. These can be lit with soft lighting to add warmth or with stronger, more powerful lights to make the space more functional.

Poolside Dreamin’

With the right furniture and pool lighting in place. You’re set for a summer of memorable swimming and backyard enjoyment. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with friends and family in a space purpose-built for their enjoyment?

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