Stolen Skid Steer Recovered in Sumner Co. Joint Operation


In a commendable display of collaboration and effective police work, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with the Richland County South Carolina Sheriff’s Department and the Cookeville Police Department, successfully recovered a stolen skid steer.

On Saturday, November 18, 2023, the Richland County South Carolina Sheriff’s Department alerted the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office about a vehicle linked to the theft of a skid steer, believed to be in the vicinity of Westmoreland, TN. Patrol Deputies swiftly initiated an investigation, although the vehicle was not initially located.

Following a valuable tip, deputies traced the lead to a residence in Westmoreland. Subsequent inquiries at this location provided additional information that guided deputies to another residence in Goodlettsville. During the interview with the Goodlettsville resident, it was revealed that he had allegedly purchased a truck and skid steer in South Carolina. He disclosed that he had left the skid steer at a vacant property in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Collaborating with the Cookeville Police Department, law enforcement successfully located and recovered the stolen skid steer.
“This investigation exemplifies the dedication and teamwork of all three agencies involved, showcasing the effectiveness of diligent police work and I commend our deputies for their proactive approach.“

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