Station Camp Elementary Opens Pollinator Garden

From Sumner County Schools


Station Camp Elementary was abuzz as community partners along with staff and students hosted a ribbon cutting for their new pollinator garden. The greenhouse and garden were built to allow students to impact their local and global community. Students have been working on a special project they titled, “Taking Monarchs under our Wing.” They are working to help save the monarch species which are endangered due to the lack of their food source. Students will plant and maintain milkweed along with other plants that attract monarch butterflies. Students already have one monarch caterpillar they have named Chris and are excited to watch him transform into a butterfly.


In addition to the monarch butterfly project, each grade level is growing something different from vegetables to flowers to herbs and all students have been composting.

The garden is a culmination of several people including the STEM leadership team, PTO, community partners, two grants and a donation.


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