New Book Discusses How Going Tiny Leads To Big Freedom

Kimberli Roquemore & her daughter in front of their tiny house

In 2020, Kimberli Roquemore’s job was eliminated. As a successful Performance Improvement director she found herself at a crossroads: to continue walking her current career path that would inevitably lead to burnout or do something different. She chose differently and embarked on a journey that would change her and her family’s lifestyle. They went tiny, downsizing from 1700 square feet to 425.

Roquemore documented their journey through a growing blog and has now authored a book called “Tiny: How Going Tiny Can Lead to Big Freedom”.  Part memoir, part how-to, Roquemore shares how simplifying and downsizing her life finally opened doors of freedom her previous lifestyle never did, no matter how hard she worked. Her mission in writing this was to help others find financial freedom and balance while being able to learn from her experiences and insights.


The launch occurs March 29, 2021, riding the coattails of the biggest United States financial stimulus package ever passed. As many people fight to keep their roofs over their heads, Roquemore paints a picture where that roof can look a little different, lower cost of living expenses and help people steamroll their debt. With millions of Americans now facing evictions and bankruptcy, Roquemore suggests an alternative that is rarely considered in the United States but is highly embraced in other countries: go tiny and live large.

General information

Tiny: How Going Tiny Can Lead to Big Freedom will be available to purchase March 29, 2021 via Amazon. The book is available in print and digital versions while an accompanying toolkit and Tiny Living Accelerator resource is available for purchase via the author’s website:

About the author

Kim is the owner of Thriving Tiny LLC, a business that helps people move forward in achieving balance and freedom by adopting a realistic, minimalistic lifestyle. She lives with her husband, daughter and two dogs in her Tiny house located in Midwest, America.

Kim is passionate about leadership and process improvement. She earned her Masters in Business Administration as well as the highest level of certification in Lean Six Sigma. She loves improving processes and efficiency in both her professional life and tiny home. She is an adventurer, proud mama, avid reader, and closet introvert.

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