Is Fall a Good Season to Replace My Roof?

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A good roof will last for decades, but during that time the chances are you may be tasked with planning a roof installation or repair during your time as a homeowner. Figuring out the best time to install a roof requires considering critical factors such as weather conditions and contractor availability.

The experts at Roof Doctors explain why the Fall season is a great time to replace your roof.

Weather Conditions

Tennessee temperatures in the Fall range from 40 to 85 degrees allowing for more temperate working conditions for installers which assists in allowing to complete the job in a timely fashion.

Fall may bring more rain since the storm season is still in effect, but weather delays are less likely to be an issue the earlier in fall you start.

Temperate weather with lower humidity and less rain allows shingles the time to effectively seal prior to entering the snowy months.

Contractor Availability

Fall is the busiest season for roofers. It is crucial to plan ahead to lock in your roof installation and avoid last-minute planning. That said, it is much better to get repairs and installation jobs done when roofers are busy rather than leaving your roof in less than ideal condition for winter.

Planning for Winter

Speaking of planning, Fall is a great time to schedule a roof inspection in advance of a snowy winter. Your roof is quite possibly the best line of defense against the winter weather for your home. So, before that cold weather arrives, it is wise to be sure your roof is prepared to keep you and your family warm, safe, and dry during the upcoming winter.

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