How Kids Can Get Involved with the Sumner County Bass Team


The Sumner County Junior and High School Bass Team is holding an informational meeting Friday, May 5, at 6:30pm at Sanders Ferry Park in the large shelter house #8.

The competitive bass team is open to any incoming 2nd through 12th graders in Sumner County.

Below is some basic information but for more details on how to get involved, visit the team’s information page.

The Sumner County Bass Team fishes all across the state of Tenneseee from the Carroll County 1000-acre lake in west Tennessee to Douglas Lake in east Tennessee and many in between. They fish rain or shine on Saturday mornings from sunrise to about 3:00pm. Anglers, captains, and parents are responsible for their travel to and from these lakes. In general, the team has about 15 or more tournaments on their schedule starting in September and lasting through May. While the team does have some dead periods, expect about two tournaments on average per month during this time.

During a Bassmaster tournament, participants fish for bass, specifically largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky/spotted bass. The goal for the anglers is to catch a limit of 5 bass and then cull until their designated weigh-in time. When it is time to weigh in, anglers will bring their catches to the designated area to determine who has the heaviest weight. Sometimes anglers come in with no catches, others will sometimes return with a limit of 5 bass!

After the weigh-in concludes, all of the totals are sorted allowing the directors to determine placement. At this point, top teams could win prizes, trophies, plaques, and even scholarship money! At the end of the season, points are tallied up from previous tournaments to determine who wins a points race! This too could lead to more winnings and a chance to go to the national tournament!

While this may change, cost is typically $150 per angler, and this helps pay for angler apparel as well as BASS Nation club fees and team fees. There may be additional costs such as tournament entry fees, food, lodging, gas, and other expenses during our season. As a team, members seek out sponsors and do fundraising to help offset some of these extra costs when appropriate.

For more details on how to get involved, visit on the team’s information page.


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