American Idol Finalist Emmy Russell Releases New Song ‘Redemption’

photo by Easton Schirra

American Idol season 22 finalist Emmy Russell has released her original song “Redemption.” Russell made it to the top five contestants but was eliminated on the show that aired on Sunday May 12th.

The 25-year-old Nashville native is the granddaughter of the late country legend Loretta Lynn. Fans were moved with her viral audition performance of her self-penned song “Skinny.”

Of the song, Russell said in a statment, “I wrote ‘Redemption’ because I process life through music and this song is what came out of a painful breakup,” Russell says. “There was a time when I placed all my value in someone else’s hands. But, eventually, I had to realize I was constantly being tossed between ‘I love you’ and ‘I don’t love you,’ I wrote this song with Lauren McLamb & Rob Sewell. This song represents my decision to no longer be the person you come back to when it’s convenient. My telling him “it’s over,”. I found my redemption in being alone and admitting to myself, “I don’t deserve this,” which led me to a door I’d been craving to open… I finally realized my worth by looking to God, then letting the truth that “I am loved,” sink in. Now I know, no guy, nor anyone else, can take that away from me. I am loved and, now, that’s my redemption.”

On Sunday, May 18, American Idol will name a winner from the three remaining contestants- Abi Carter, Will Moseley, and Jack Blocker- with a special performance by Cody Johnson.

Take a listen here.

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