5 Reasons Why You Should NOT DIY a Roofing Project

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In a world full of DIY projects with directions found on Youtube, Pinterest, WikiHow, and basically anywhere else online, you may be tempted to repair your own roof as a DIY project.

While DIY might be a good route for some projects around the house, roofing is not one of them. Even the handiest person can botch a roofing job if they aren’t certified and trained properly. Check out the five reasons why you should not DIY a roofing project.


Working on your own roof could be dangerous. Typically, roofing work requires ladders, scaffolding, and additional safety equipment. As a homeowner, you’ve never replaced a roof. In fact, most roofing accidents occur because homeowners try to make roof repairs on their own. A home roofing expert will have repaired and constructed roofs hundreds or thousands of times.

If you suspect that your roof is unsafe in any way, you should stay off of it. A damaged roof can collapse, causing serious damage inside the home and serious injuries to anyone walking on it. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your safety. Leave it to the professionals.


When you think of a DIY project, you likely think of saving money. But in actuality, a faulty job on a roof can result in additional costs and repairs that have to end up being done by a professional in the long run. By calling a professional initially you will end up saving money with a job done correctly the first time.

Even material costs can be lowered if done by a professional roofer. Roofers can get the best possible price by buying materials in bulk. When you must buy those materials on your own in small quantities, you’ll pay a premium price, which will drive your project costs up significantly.

You Could Miss Something

If there is a leak in your roof causing some water staining on your ceiling, you might try to patch the hole and paint over the ceiling. While this fixes the problem aesthetically, a more serious problem may lie underneath the patch and paint. Water damage can lead to mold, rot, and even structural damage.

A professional roofer will know what to look for in potential problems during an inspection. An inspection by a trusted roofer can prevent small issues from developing into major ones which could cost more money and time to fix.


Many professional roofing companies, like Roof Doctors, offer a guaranteed service warranty on any roof work they perform at your home. When you attempt to perform DIY roof work, you won’t have a warranty in place should your work be faulty.

DIY roofing could also void your current warranty on materials or workmanship. Roofing material manufacturers will not guarantee materials that haven’t been installed by a professional roofing contractor.

It Won’t Be a Professional Job

A professional roofing job will look the best, be supported by warranties, and you can feel secure knowing that your roof was installed correctly.

The professionals at Roof Doctors are fully trained and reliable. They meet and exceed the state requirements for roofing repair and installation.

Contact the pros at Roof Doctors at 615-448-6349 or schedule a free inspection online to meet with a fully trained and reliable inspector to view your roof at your convenience.

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