4 Ways to Keep Your Pool Cool… Even in Blazing Hot Weather!


By Peek Pools and Spas

Jumping into the cool water of your backyard pool is the perfect way to escape the hot summer day. But what if the water feels as hot as the air around you? You feel just as muggy and steamy and hot as before you jumped in…only wetter. Try one of these four tried and true ideas for keeping your pool cooler this summer.

Shade It

When you’re first installing your pool, take into account the location of the pool site in relation to the location of the sun during the hottest part of the day. If you can, use natural (trees) or already existing structures (your house) to provide protection and shade to lower the water temperature. If your pool is already built, consider adding shade such as an awning over part of the pool. Reducing the amount of time direct sunlight beats down on the water will help lower the water temperature.

Cover It

Use a removable pool cover, especially during the day when the pool is not in use, to prevent the water from heating up more. While a cover may not necessarily cool your pool, it will help the water maintain the current temperature. Once you hit that sweet spot, use your cover when not in use. This also prevents evaporation and the introduction of debris.

Move It

Circulating water causes evaporation and, as a result of introducing air into the water, cooling. There are plenty of ways to promote evaporation and naturally cool your pool water. You could add a fountain, water feature, aerator or even a slide. Or you could use existing equipment like your pool pump. The key to making this technique work for you is when you use it.

Running your pump, fountain or other water feature at night takes advantage of incorporating the cooler night air into the water. Conversely, if you run them during the day, you could actually make your water even hotter! (This could be a great idea in the cooler seasons like spring and autumn.)

Chill It

The last option is the most effective…and the most expensive. A dedicated pool cooler or a reversible heat pump can act like a refrigerator, using coolant to quickly and efficiently lower the temperature of your water any time of the day. This is an excellent option for extremely hot weather.

Keep Your Cool at the Pool

For more information about the right solution for cooling your pool, reach out to the team at Peek Pools by calling 615-866-8800. They’ll walk you through your options and get you on the schedule if needed. Keep cool and swim on.

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